Thursday, May 26, 2011

Why is Life.... - ഇംഗ്ലീഷിൽ ഒരു കവിത

 Why is Life....


Why is Life so dull and dumb?
Why cant everything be perfect
just as those great men promised?

They said that our struggles will
make us stronger
to face greater troubles!

But if life is about facing troubles
why face the trouble of
living it at all!

And why is this life so worth living?
Whats so wonderful about it?
Why do people live through this life?

Its a life of hardship,
full of miseries and follies,
aspiring to lead a life of perfectness!


Yet we cry out loud saying
What are we developing into?

O Sages who speak of perfect life,
Will you tell them that we 
live in the same mire!

The same mire that is filled with
greedy ambitions and selfishness!
Men living for his own good and glory!

We stay just as we lived in prehistoric days
Just where we struggled with follies
Just where we say we started to 'progress'!


അച്ചായന് said...

Why is Life so hard!
Why cant everything be perfect!
Why do we struggle?

chachan said...

hmmmm. .

Nisa John said...

Life is not just a chain of follies and miseries. Infact,life mixed with troubles,toils and joys is an interesting story....Nobody's life is just an endless chain of commotions.How can we enjoy the ecstacy of existence if it is just an array of pleasures?I think griefs make gains gayer....We fail to see the small jouys around us as we are always in search of bigger ones.
We have grown phisically, emotionally and spiritually.Atleast we have grown enough to express our needs and grievances.But we are reluctant to grow as much as we really can grow!!!!

arun said...

sorry i think u had a bad day
may be life is not full of joy if u accept this life becomes trouble

ബെഞ്ചാലി said...

everything, due to hope...!
, unending :)

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